Anne Sexton

October 27th, 2010

“The Kite” “Lullaby” ” The Lost Ingredient”

Many of her poems are a result of her own life which is autobiographical in context. To Bedlam and Part Way Back consist of multiple poems that evoke a feeling of solace. I find that with her poem Lullaby and The kite that there is a sense of loss or not knowing that the poet is experiencing or later experiences. Life is made up of multiple occasions and throughout there is a feeling that lingers in her memories and words. There is a sense of self that that is seen in her writing, an awareness that is subjective as well as objective. I interpreted “Lullaby” as a sort of fantasy and experience vividly picturing pear sleeping pills and a psych ward of dreams. It is easy to experience the imagery but I cannot quite draw a conclusion on what it is the author is reliving. I do know that this point of the poem stood out to me. Because I am aware that her poems are in correlation ¬†with autobiographical writing I wonder how this then connects to her and what it is that I the reader should gain from it. I also find that her poetry seems more of a written recollection of events as in “Lost Ingredient” there are actual characters involved giving us a real sense in her poetry.

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