Digital autobiography

December 8th, 2010

“A crucial difference between traditional biographies– including film and television– and people’s lives represented in the online “space” is that online identities are easily manipulated at any time by the individual subject or by others”

this quote is very connected to the era of new media and the ways in which self expression and interpersonal connections have been emerged in the aspect of biographies. The 21st century and the new creation of web 2.0 also referred to in the text makes documenting moments in peoples lives a way of self identity. The blog era has well been a new trend for the new writer poet or maven who seeks to capture every detail of day to day experience and knowledge sharing. I find my experience with these social networks not as a form of biography but more of a social media forum to feel connected to people. Its the access that we all have to someones life whether friend, associate or stranger that keeps online profiles going. Day to day manipulation occurs that could not happen with an authors published work. There is a continuous free flow that represent the movement of life with online identities that make it less personal and also questionable when associating them with biographies. The biographer may not only have one set identity in the realms of television, film or literature that may make a difference from the changing web, but I believe its the constant manipulation, pictures, words, video, etc that is added that enhance the persona and how easy and effortless in doing so. I can only think that these new web identities wouldn’t thrive if manipulation didint occur, we would have no substance, no “thing” to look at. An authors body of work can be of comparison of some sort to this idea where written words take the place of ┬áchanging online identity and vise versa.

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